Bango is proud to announce that its mobile payment platform is now accessible to more than one billion mobile subscribers.
This mobile industry milestone demonstrates the knowledge that operator billing – charging purchases to a phone bill with one click – is key to the viability of online payments for the mobile generation. The first wave of e-commerce depended on a combination of expensive personal computers, an internet connection, and access to a separate payment card. The mobile internet means anyone with a phone is online, and has a built-in method of payment.
Companies seeking to monetize their mobile audience can plug into Bango and collect payments from more than one billion consumers without needing cards, pre-registered accounts or having to send text messages.
Bango’s pervasive presence across the mobile web, billing for app stores, publishers and mobile operators, enables Bango to automatically identify more mobile users, creating a massive platform effect for its partners. As a result, Bango maximizes the number of one click payments presented on mobile devices, producing significantly higher rates of collection.
Billing with the Bango payment platform delivers an average conversion rate of 77%. Unlike competing mobile payment approaches, most users who click ‘buy’, do buy. The mobile industry increasingly recognizes that the best way to monetize a mobile audience is to ask users to pay for content and services. With unrivalled conversion rates and consumer reach, Bango has emerged as the natural partner for the task.
Bango is now the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading app stores and mobile brands. Bango’s app store connections include Facebook, BlackBerry App World, Windows Phone Store, Opera Mobile Store and operator-led connections to Google Play. In addition, Bango has announced an agreement to provide payment services to Amazon and has become a technology partner for MasterCard’s PayPass mobile wallet. Finally, Bango has built direct connections into the billing systems of more than 90 operators around the globe. The result is that more than one billion consumers can access Bango’s mobile payment platform and pay for content and services on their phone bill.

Commenting on the milestone, Bango CEO Ray Anderson said “We’re immensely proud to have brought our frictionless payment experience to such a significant percentage of the world’s mobile users”.
“It’s taken twelve months to double our reach and hit the one billion milestone. With momentum and market growth in our favor it won’t be long before our reach is two billion and beyond. The next billion will likely be found in the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China, where we’re already making progress.”

Bango’s analysis indicates that the service was accessible to 1,069,836,000 mobile users around the world, on 30th September 2012. Bango’s calculation was based on the subscriber base of each connected operator and used only data available in the public domain. The largest contributions to the overall total came from Europe (327 million), N America (320 million), and Asia (98 million).