eBay users can bid, buy, compare prices, search and track sales from their mobile phones

Bango and Bonfire Media have teamed up to deliver the award-winning Pocket Auctions for eBay to millions of mobile phone users in Europe. eBay users in Europe can now bid and buy, search active and completed items and check their My eBay accounts at anytime and from anyplace, direct from their mobile phones.
There is a solid opportunity for mobile subscription services. “With up to 15 percent of wireless revenues in the United States already coming from data services, it makes sense that we’ll see a rise in mobile subscription services especially as new services make it easier and safer to enroll,” said Roger Entner, vice president of wireless telecomm, Ovum.
“eBay is already a massive global phenomenon and Pocket Auctions for eBay is now helping to change the way users can interact with eBay to fit in with their busy lives, when they can not always be near a PC,” said Ray Anderson, CEO at Bango.
The application provides access to My eBay from a mobile phone, synchronized with their PC account. Users also gain access to search and mobile price checking, which enables roving bargain hunters to check out prices on the move—for instance, while at a garage sale to see if they can make money selling an item on eBay. Pocket Auctions for eBay also features viewing of full-screen images and a fast user-interface and overall experience.
Pocket Auctions for eBay, developed by Bonfire Media, is available to European mobile users by directing their phone browsers to bango.bonfiremedia.com. The Bango technology provides WAP billing so users can download the application direct to their phones and pay using operator billing, Premium SMS, credit/debit card or PayPal.
“By harnessing the mobile internet and integrating with Bango, Pocket Auctions for eBay is now available to eBay users in Europe at anytime and on any network,” says Alex Poon, CEO of Bonfire Media. “The service has already been popular in the UK and is now being launched with localized services in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.”