The seemingly limitless availability of content means digital marketing teams are struggling more than ever to capture and retain customer interest. The app market is a key example of this. Most gaming apps are free to download making it easy for consumers to engage but just as easy to disengage.

With 95% of gaming app revenue coming from in-app purchases, downloads are simply not enough to build a business. Finding paying users who will remain engaged is vital. 

Take the casual gaming sector:  the top 25% of casual games have an average customer retention rate of just 31% after one day of use. This quickly drops to a measly 8% after 7 days and an almost non-existent 2.5% after 28 days [1]. This means that app developers are under immense pressure to continue winning new customers, simply to stay at an even keel.

That is where Bango Audiences come in. By targeting based on what we know consumers are already paying for, the retention of users that download a game is increased and a higher percentage of users go on to spend money in the app.  In this way, Bango Audiences enable app developers to achieve between a 2-9x higher return on advertising spend. Put another way, app marketing teams don’t waste time and money on users who can’t or won’t pay. Alongside return on advertising spend (“ROAS”), Lifetime Value (“LTV”) of customers acquired is a key measurement of success. LTV is increased by both attracting more spending customers and engaging them over a longer time period. Bango Audiences increase both key measurements for hard-pressed developers.

So, while Bango technology can’t do anything about short attention spans (yet…), we can help app developers avoid the goldfish and increase revenue from their customer base.