We’re pleased to announce that Bango has won the ‘Payment Innovation 150+ Employees’ award at this year’s eCommerce Awards. These awards recognize and reward the best in eCommerce across a range of categories including innovation, marketing and business.

Bango Resale has won this accolade for the way it accelerates and simplifies how subscription service providers – including movie, music, gaming and fitness brands – partner with global telcos, cable companies, retailers and others to create offers and rewards for billions of subscribers.

The market for subscription offers, bundles and promos is becoming an increasingly vital part of the user acquisition strategy for media and product companies. It has become equally valuable to the customer engagement strategies for communications and other mass market businesses. Bringing these two different styles of business together requires a new, versatile, agile technology that makes it easy to onboard subscription services at volume, and to target them at the customer segments most likely to bite. Technical and operational interactions between the two partners are minimized, allowing focus on product choice, marketing and merchandizing.

This is where Bango fits in. Bango Resale acts like a digital vending machine – a drop in SaaS solution that delivers one technical connection to enable all parties to offer their products to each other’s customers.

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