Bango just made the following RNS announcement:

Bango Launches Mobile Advertising and Marketing Product

ID technology provides essential understanding of mobile visitors to enhance marketing effectiveness

February 8th 2008 – Bango announces the immediate availability of Bango
Analytics, a new product that enables businesses of all sizes to get a better
return from their investment in marketing and advertising campaigns on the
mobile web.  Unique technology captures valuable mobile-specific data about mobile users responding to campaigns and presents that data in an easy to use form to enable informed decision-making.

With the mobile advertising market forecast to grow fast over the next few years –  Gartner (IT) forecasts $11 billion in global revenue from mobile advertising by 2011, up from less than $1 billion a year in 2007 – Bango is well positioned to capitalize on this growth.

Bango Analytics measures the effectiveness of Google, Yahoo!, AdMob, JumpTap, Microsoft and the many other advertising and search marketing opportunities available on the mobile web. It is a widely held view within advertising agencies that the inability to measure the effectiveness of mobile marketing is holding back investment.

The new product overcomes the limitations of traditional web analytics by recording mobile specific data about website visitors such as their country, network and handset type. It works for all mobile phones, without downloading software or changing the user experience. Bango’s unique “digital fingerprint” technology assigns each user a persistent user identifier which enables precise user tracking without revealing any personal data. Businesses of all sizes get a valuable view on how their mobile website is performing, which marketing campaigns are working and their total return on investment.

Bango Analytics is a hosted service, available self service, free of charge for small scale use. As activity rises, Bango charges a usage-based monthly fee starting from £29 and rising with activity levels. Deep analysis of a typical mobile advertising campaign can be provided for around 1-5% of the campaign budget.

“Mobile needs a better, more innovative way to provide accurate conversion tracking for mobile ads, and Bango Analytics promises to do just that by understanding how the mobile user connects to the internet,” said Farhad Divecha, Managing Director of AccuraCast, a leading mobile search marketing agency.

Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango, added, “We have positioned ourselves at the centre of the mobile web, interacting between the mobile networks, the content providers, the search engine operators, and the users of the mobile internet. This gives us a unique position as the custodian of a wealth of valuable data about visits to mobile websites. Bango Analytics will now enable owners of mobile websites to access and use that data to be more effective in their marketing and advertising.  This is key to driving the growth in traffic over the mobile web.”

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