Bango community of content providers see 30% of their sales from overseas

 Bango has reported a huge shift in mobile content sales with 30% of purchases from its growing community of content providers crossing country borders, compared to just 5% a year ago. The mobile web is helping businesses to reach overseas markets and with more people searching for content, this trend is expected to grow to 55% or more within the next year. To see the mobile web in action go to

“Businesses often start by selling mobile content in their own country, but they soon realize they have visitors from all around the world with minimal promotional effort. Because Bango solutions are global, businesses can leverage the mobile web to quickly and easily capture sales from a world-wide audience.”Anil Malhotra, Senior VP of Marketing at Bango

This experience is markedly different from the Premium SMS model. With Premium SMS, content providers sold their content country by country, doing specific promotions and setting billing for each region they wanted to sell into. With Bango, content providers simply plug into the Bango platform once and can collect payments from over 150 countries world-wide on the mobile web for one monthly fee (as little as $499 /£299 /€399 for the Bango Focus package).
Content providers often stimulate cross-border sales by publishing their mobile URL on their website, get listed in mobile search engines such as Google and Yahoo! or pay for sponsored links within the search results.

“We drive traffic to our mobile sites using search marketing through Yahoo!, Google and other search engines as well as mobile advertising networks, whose sites, which include, are engineered specifically to receive traffic in this way. We see increasing numbers of visitors from across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific as access and use of the mobile web grows. Bango detects from which country the user originates, so we offer the best payment method for the user in that country. This is key to increasing the all important conversion rate, essential if you have just paid for the click.”Giles Richardson, VP Consumer Marketing at Mobile Streams