One-click payment preferred by users builds consumer trust

Filmnight, which has the rights to movie studio content in the UK and across Europe, is the latest media business to benefit from the mobile web by selling its content using Bango. From the web shop at, mobile phone visitors can browse, pay for and download ringtones, wallpapers and videos on new releases such a Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, along with other major titles.
Handset detection and user convenience are key drivers for a successful mobile web experience, with Bango providing the all important one-click mobile payment to the user’s phone bill. Making it clear what users are buying builds consumer trust and results in additional repeat purchases. The payment process is quick and simple, giving full Payforit* compliance without Filmnight needing to change its service whatsoever.
“We want to make sure that our consumers only pay for content that works on their phone,” said David McDonald, Head of Mobile at Filmnight. “So for us, our proprietary mobile device detection solution and online handset configuration tool are as important as the payment experience. Bango gives our users the convenience of one-click purchases and gives us competitive payouts; the whole mobile web experience provides us with happy customers who get what they want, quickly and easily.”
Saffron Digital, the technology solution behind Filmnight’s mobile services, also runs the mobile content services for Empire, IPC Media and Sony Pictures. Here, Bango is used to process mobile payments and bring the benefits of the mobile web to an increasing number of consumers.
“More businesses are now launching a mobile web presence so they can engage directly with their consumers anytime and from anywhere,” said Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango. “By providing a common integration point, Bango makes it easy for businesses to drive traffic to their mobile website, understand who their visitors are, track marketing campaigns and collect payment for digital content world-wide.”
*Payforit is a UK cross-mobile operator initiative to promote a safe and trustworthy environment for mobile phone users to purchase goods and services and charge it to their phone bill. From September 1 2007, Payforit will start to become mandatory for UK mobile subscribers, beginning with O2.