Dan Butcher at Mobile Marketer Magazine interviewed some Bango Customers for his interesting analysis of our new Wifi Operator Billing capability:


“This WiFi carrier billing platform means that all the advantages of placing charges on the cell phone bill are retained, whatever the device,” Mr. Malhotra said. “Previously BlackBerry users had to set up a credit card account to pay for a music track, or subscribe to a news or sport alerts service, or worse still, set up a PayPal account activated on their phone.

“Now they can browse premium mobile Web sites and pay on their phone bill, like other users,” he said. “For mobile merchants, it means a significant uplift in the revenues generated from a mobile marketing campaign.

“Previously, the conversion rate on smart devices had been much lower because of the comparative difficulty of making a payment—for some services with high penetration of the smartphone user base, up to 25 percent of revenues could be lost.”