Developers want to take back control of their mobile apps

When it comes to monetisation of mobile applications, developers are still faced with the complexities of the app space and having to navigate the diversity of payment methods available for their apps. Unfortunately it is not as easy as developing the app, integrating a billing solution and hope things will work.

There are many mobile components that take part in the payment process, which developers have to consider but have little control of. One of these components is the customer payment experience.

To date the customer payment experience has mainly been in the hands of the app store, with little or no involvement at all by the developers. But developers are demanding more control over their apps and have started to look at ways to achieve this. After all, they want to capture more sales and increase usage of their app and the payment experience is one the main drivers for this.

Bango recognizes the importance of giving back control to developers so has created an in-app billing solution which has been specifically developed to make the payment process simpler both for them and their customers.

This in-app billing solution offers developers the option to collect payment using operator billing or credit cards with a Direct billing API where there’s no need for the customer to open a browser. Technically what this means is that the payment is performed fully within the application. In addition developers have complete control over their app and their customer’s payment experience, as the in-app payment experience is built by them.

Bango also offers a web billing route where at the payment stage the customer needs to launch the browser, Bango hosts the payment page and does all the hard work behind the scenes. This is also an attractive option for developers as it offers the quickest route to market with low development costs.

With both options Bango aims to help developers take back control of their mobile app business so they no longer have to rely on the app stores. This enables them to experiment, optimize their app and get closer to their customers and most importantly maximize their earnings.