The traditional rules for app marketing say that the more you grow your user numbers, the more you can justify your marketing budget. But once you have acquired users, you still need to monetize your audience to generate revenue. While many developers rely heavily on in-app advertising, apps which can monetize through in-app payments need users who pay. Marketing to these higher lifetime audiences of in-app payers not only increases return-on-investment (ROI) for less marketing spend, it grows your revenues.

But is there any alternative to bombarding every target consumer with your campaigns, including those that won’t generate in-app payments? What if you could intelligently target consumers who already had a history of paying in-app – the ones most likely to make in-app payments?

Answering this question transforms the economics of acquiring and monetizing users. In a recent 2019 Bango app monetization survey, 40% of developers said that in-app purchases are the most important outcome of their marketing campaigns. And, 47% said that in-app purchases were the primary method to monetize their apps.

Yet, when it comes to targeting marketing campaigns, 33% said that less than half of their marketing campaigns prioritize generating in-app payments and a further 33% said that none of their marketing campaigns prioritize in-app payments.

Asked about applying payment insights as a factor in user acquisition campaigns, 53% of developers said they do not target their campaigns to audiences known to make in-app payments, or in the case of media services audiences known to make paid subscriptions.

In a robust and growing app economy; consumers are spending more on apps; but at the same time, developers are not prioritizing in-app payments through their marketing campaigns.

Back to the earlier question. What if you could intelligently target users who already have a history of making in-app payments? By targeting your marketing to these high-value users, you can actually focus your Facebook campaigns on a smaller audience, but an audience of people that are more likely to pay. This combination of increasing monetization by boosting IAPs from your campaigns while reducing the costs of acquisition is defined as intelligent marketing.

It isn’t about casting a bigger net; it is about fishing in the right waters. Bango Marketplace audiences are created using payment information gathered from billions of dollars of in-app purchases so you can focus your marketing to people who have history of payments and subscriptions for apps and media services. Why show your ads on Facebook to people who won’t pay?

Bango Marketplace audiences challenge the conventional marketing and targeting approaches, and instead prioritize quality over quantity. You fish for less but land more fish.

Bring intelligent targeting to your app marketing campaigns, try a Bango Marketplace audience today.