Bango is powering the Blackberry App Store to enable customers to buy Apps and put the charges on their carrier bill.   Bango is also working with several other App Stores of various sizes to enable that capability to be used more widely, with announcements due in the coming months.

App Stores enable the download of free apps or “paid for” apps. Bango gets a small share of revenues from each payment transaction, so it is important to get some idea of the scale of the opportunity to see what returns might be available from this market, and important area for Bango in the coming years.

Vendors are highly secretive of the sales of Apps though their app stores. Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, Google, Amazon and many others have so far not revealed any financial details.  However, independent analysts have started to investigate the market, and are starting to publish their estimates.

iSuppli has recently pubplished its 2010 numbers  and there is a useful breakdown by vendor here at BGR

Bango will be preparing a roundup of some of the numbers, with a commentary later this year.