Some content providers have made posts on the Bango Forums ( expressing concern that Bango might be making its services available to individuals or small businesses that might not have “good quality content”. 

Bango agrees that people selling garbage content might cause people to be wary of good quality content. However, our view is that we can’t judge what is good and what is bad in the eyes of a user. We championed an open view with the operator portals for the last 7 years – and we still believe in that!

Unfortunately we can’t do much to stop “bad behaviour” on the mobile web. Its the web! What we can do is try to make our services (which are good quality, open and transparent) available more easily to “good guys” and try to prevent rewards flowing to “bad guys”.

The “free starter”, “challenge” and “guest” packages are all available to help people realise they can use the mobile web, but none of them provides rapid cash back from bad behaviour. We do “broker” user complaints and monitor sites. Its very hard to make money from a bad site.

We want all mobile content providers to register their mobile sites with Bango, and in fact we want to help as many mobile sites as possible to be produced. More content on the mobile web should be a good thing. Much of it will be free, using Bango to track who is coming in and why. A lot will be premium.

We must mention “Bango” and “what Bango is” in the payment flow, because the billers hold us responsible for policing their rules and collecting user feedback. As much as us they don’t want to bill for problematic content. We also provide a feedback channel for problems.