Ben Tatton-Brown, CEO at Ringring Media has some interesting  insight into how brands and businesses measure the success of their mobile advertising and marketing – or not to be precise!  This post in exposes a huge hole in the mobile advertising process – where is the real-time reporting?

” You would be surprised by the limited reporting offered by many of the ad platforms in today’s markets. There are platforms that do not provide real-time reporting and have up to 72-hour delays. In a digital age, that’s just not good enough, and they must step up to the mark.

“One of our clients spent close to $40,000 in three days without an ounce of reporting. In this instance, the traffic we bought performed very well, but it was worrying as for a period of time we were flying blind as it were,” said Ben Tatton-Brown.

The good news is that there are real-time mobile analytics products around and even if the mobile ad network you are using doesn’t have the necessary reporting, you can get this with Bango mobile web analytics.

It provides a greater level of granularity than other mobile web analytics products by letting people see metrics by the hour. Marketers can understand how a mobile marketing campaign is performing in real time so any necessary adjustments can be made to ensure the campaign is a success.

The number of unique visitors by the hour

The number of unique visitors by the hour

This is just as important, whether you’re buying $1000 or $40,000 of ads; the need to monitor and optimize the campaign is the same for everyone.  Make sure you demand the right reporting tools and use a product like Bango mobile analytics to get an independent view of what’s working across campaigns purchased across different ad networks.