Several investors have asked for a quick view from Bango management on the impact of a weaker pound on the Bango business.

Bango is a global business. Approximately 90% of Bango costs are in Sterling – primarily salaries for UK based staff and some datacentre expenses. More than 95% of Bango end user spend is from outside the EU, and the prices for Bango services are contracted generally in the currency of the country where end user spend is generated.

A weaker pound benefits Bango:

  • US$ acquisition of BilltoMobile from Danal. Acquired for cash – payment was made in May.
  • Future revenues generated from BilltoMobile in USA are in USD. For example, a 10% uplift when expressed in Sterling if sterling falls 9%.
  • Non US revenues change according to the relative currency exchange rate changes. At 12:00 on 24th June, for example, the overall end user spend and corresponding margin generated rose 6% expressed in Sterling.

Trading and Employment:

  • Bango has a Spain based subsidiary which could be used if appropriate.
  • Bango employs a mix of staff from a wide range of EU and non EU countries. Bango does not expect to lose any staff in the coming years due to introduction of new visa requirements for skilled staffs and the Bango HR team is well versed in visa process for non EU nationals.


  • Bango expects there will be no immediate change as we see moves towards global harmonization of the tax and regulatory environments