In retail, customer relationships are the hardest things to buy

Online commerce gives customers the freedom to shop where they want, when they want. The ability to buy from your store at any time of the day or night means those same customers can leave you for another retailer at the click of a button. Retaining, engaging and building long-term customer relationships is difficult because online, there are no barriers to browsing.

Most loyalty and rewards programs are delivered as vouchers, discount codes and cash-back offers. Redemption rates are low, which means for most customers these programs have no value. In short, they fail to buy you relationships that build lasting customer delight.

With so much consumer time spent online, what if your loyalty program became the destination for your customers to manage a much bigger slice of their online lives?

The key is something you may not sell, but something every customer wants – subscriptions. 85% of your customers already have at least one subscription service and an incredible 22% have 9 or more subscriptions!

By offering a subscriptions hub that enhances your existing online customer experience, you will leverage the appeal of the world’s most attractive movie, entertainment and lifestyle services to keep customers focused on you.

When 78% of consumers say they would switch loyalties to a provider that enables them to consolidate their subscriptions into one, convenient portal, this is a competitive advantage you cannot let pass by.

Easily add all the latest subscription services to keep things fresh. Let customers swap subscriptions they want each month, end services they no longer use, add new services that come to market. You can target offers at customers you want to attract or retain and reward loyalty with creative Super Bundles of multiple subscription products, featuring discounts that increase their loyalty and bring them back for more.

When a customer buys their TV from you, be the go-to place for managing all their streaming services – including Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. You now have a reason to talk to your customers frequently and regularly.

Find out how to easy it is to offer and bundle compelling subscription products that buy you strong, long-term customer relationships:

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Increase customer spend by attaching subscriptions

Enhance your customer apps and website with your own subscriptions hub. Built on market-leading Bango technology, you customize the look and feel of your subscriptions hub, decide which products you want to offer your customers, and Bango technology manages the entire process.