Delivering a new type of content for today’s digital world, offer customers access to thousands of eBooks and audio books to purchase and download directly on their smartphone and tablet devices.

Bango provides operator billing for the mobile digital bookshop enabling book-lovers worldwide to quickly and easily pay for eBooks and place the charge on their phone bill.

“By using Bango to deliver a consistent operator payment experience to all our customers we have seen a marked increase in sales. Conversion rates using operator billing are much higher than using other methods, and easier for our consumers”, said Stephen Crawford, Operations Director at Mobcast. “Over 50% of our customers read with their Android phone and an increasing number are using Wi-Fi for the faster connection speeds on offer – they can now buy the same way as everyone else. 75% of our customers choose operator billing through Bango, and no other billing solution lets our smartphone customers simply click-to-pay without additional registration.”

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