Today Bango announced the acquisition of Audiens, a leading mobile data exchange platform. The combination of Audiens marketing technology with the Bango Platform delivers new growth opportunities for developers, merchants, stores and operators.
Bango products actively grow our customers’ business. The Bango Platform uses unique technology and data to constantly improve how customers pay for content and services. It optimizes payment flows, boosts conversion rates, ensures compliance with market regulations, and identifies “pay capable users”.
Bango Boost analyzes and benchmarks payment performance to deliver actions proven to grow sales success. It is a key reason why mobile operators select the Bango Platform to drive their Direct Carrier Billing, bundling and resale business, and why mobile operators move from traditional direct integrations over to the Bango Platform.
The Bango acquisition of Audiens further extends the opportunities for developers, merchants, stores and operators to grow revenues. Audiens provides the standard channel for commerce focused insights to be offered to ad networks and marketing technology providers. Bango partners can monetize additional data points through this Audiens channel when they are ready.
Together, Bango and Audiens lead the way in providing joined-up payment and marketing optimization. Bango Deep is focused on revenue growth through improved customer acquisition, engagement and payment performance. By combining knowledge, data and platform technology, Bango Deep delivers commerce insights to developers, merchants, stores and operators, as well as the marketing and advertising networks that generate growth.