Bango is  Japanese for number

Bango is Japanese for number

There’s a very amusing article on Mashable today “8 Unusual Animals of Web Branding” which looks at brands whose name is also that of an animal. This all started with the news that the new mobile browser from Mozilla is called a “Fennec” and there’s an animal called the Fennec fox. The article pointed out that there’s the Bango fish – a type of ray – so did Bango get its name from this potentially dangerous fish?  (Good guess as Bango’s CEO is called Ray.)

No is the short answer, neither did the inspiration come from a rapper from Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndicate! We chose the name as it’s the Japanese for number and when Bango started out nine years ago, we used numbers to match onto mobile web addresses to make it easier for people to get to a mobile website or to mobile content. Now that we are well known for our mobile analytics product, the name is just as appropriate. Our central position within the mobile billing market means we help businesses sell their content and make their numbers!

If you search Wikipedia for Bango then Bango is also the Moroccan for cannabis. This puts a different perspective on the phrase “You’ve been Bango’d”. If you hear of any other meanings for Bango, do let us know.

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