Last night it seemed that Movida in London was the place to be for anyone in the mobile industry. As Bango celebrated 10 years of the mobile web, it was great to see so many industry peers gathering to celebrate such an important milestone for the mobile industry.Bango 10 years mobile web party

There was a great buzz, with people from all parts of the mobile and entertainment industry, including mobile operators, content providers, press and Bango’s partners. It was an evening of great fun and excitement.

Bango has been here since the beginning of the mobile web revolution, initially with the idea of Bango numbers and now with their very successful mobile payment and analytics products, counting companies such as MTV, Turner Broadcasting Inc and Dada among its customers.

So as the evening drew to a close and everyone went home, the Bango folks headed back home on their coach to Cambridge, with a big smile in their faces…..and probably followed by some sore heads earlier this morning!