The latest release of Bango Analytics is out, and we thought we’d share some of the innovations which cement our place as the world’s most accurate and flexible mobile analytics tool. You can find detailed notes on our Dev Blog, some highlights include:

Mobile marketers can now set up and share real-time segmentation in advance of a campaign going live, using free text filters. Dynamic marketing campaigns will be designed across many different devices and websites, with multiple sources and parameters defining the campaign. Now the entire marketing team can be ready in advance, analysing data and optimizing campaigns from the very instant they go live.

A new live view report is available which allows users to compare visits, unique visits and page views for any two given days. This allows a highly flexible day on day comparison and where today is one of the days being compared, the report will automatically refresh as new data becomes available. The development team are already exploring week on week and month on month live comparisons.

We now offer increased control over how the end of an application session is recorded. If a user does not end a session within a period that you define, we can automatically record that the session has ended. This increases accuracy by limiting the effect of incomplete sessions, video plays, etc. when applications are simply left running in the background.

Lastly, we’ve been fine tuning our date filtering. There is now much greater control, allowing users to filter out certain dates or isolate and analyse other dates. We can now generate reports that just show weekend traffic, or traffic on specific days. Imagine a sports app seeking to analyse traffic on just those days when a particular football team plays.

The dev team are already knee deep in the next Bango Analytics release, but they’re always keen to read your feedback on their efforts and collect exciting new ideas for features. Let them know your thoughts here.