12 things to love about Bango Resale

Looking to launch third-party subscription offers or grow first-party product bundles? Here are 12 things you must do or consider, to win:

  1. Offer all the leading products – just launching Netflix or Spotify is no longer enough. Everyone is doing that. Planning to launch the next one or two is also a fail – customers want more. Leaders, like Verizon with +play, help subscribers discover, select and manage hundreds of great product offers, placing them at the heart of their customer subscription revolution. Leaping from a handful of offers to hundreds requires an open industry platform – Verizon, Optus, T-Mobile and BT/EE standardize on Bango, and all contribute to bringing new merchants to the platform.
  2. One platform with simple APIs  – the solution you select needs to be simple, elegant and powerful. Everyone needs to be able to understand it, align and use the same platform. This drives momentum for partner adoption, ensuring all the top brands are ready to license and launch. The Bango Platform provides simple, consistent create and cancel API methods across all use cases. Bango has been proven to deliver 10x time to market, 10x faster scale and 10x cost efficiencies.
  3. Focus on marketing creativity – success is all about offer creativity, not merchant connectivity. With everyone launching similar products, you need to make sure your product offers stand out and scream “pick me”. You need to quickly adapt offer descriptions, pricing and promo periods based on real-time success metrics.

    Bango focuses on offer creativity and how to make it fast and simple to create, measure and deliver winning offers – for example get all the top movie services; offer movies, music and gaming; or let customers select any 3 products with a 10% discount, or 5 with 15% off.
  4. Suspend and resume – allow customers to suspend and resume product entitlements to take a subscription vacation, or to prevent losing them should they fail to pay on time one month. Airtel uses Bango Suspend and Resume to gift pre-pay customers that top up 200 Rupees each week free access to Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition. If the customer misses a week their access is suspended, and Airtel promotes to resume service (and secure the next top-up).
  5. Leverage existing, trusted ways customers pay via partners – Bango makes it simple to offer a customer a free promotional period – e.g. 6 months of Amazon Prime Video from Verizon. At the end of the free period, Bango automatically notifies the customer and adds the charge onto their account, or their wallet or card on file. Each customer gets the smoothest, frictionless experience.

    Subscription renewal times are intelligently aligned to maximize continuity. Funds are pre-reserved if there’s any risk of account spend limits causing a renewal payment to fail.

    Bango also seamlessly integrates add-on payments, e.g. premium movie purchases or rentals customers make on top of their monthly Amazon Prime Video subscription. With Bango those extra payments are automatically charged to the same payment channels. No need for customers to find or enter new payment methods.
  6. Always use the best media assets – few customers sign up to an offer that just shows a logo. It’s always better to show images based on the latest scheduled programming or game release. Better still, images targeted to what you know about each customer, e.g. their demographic. Avoid complex media file exchange via websites, email or cloud storage, and unconnected media delivery. Bango Select uses information from all parties to deliver the best media creatives every time, ensuring each offer is presented at its best.
  7. Constantly measure and evolve offers – Bango provides detailed real-time dashboards that keep you up to date with everything from offer uptake to payment success. We measure and record everything – from media use, offers clicked, registrations completed to entitlements started or ended. Our focus on data helps drive your focus on growth and creativity.
  8. Correlate and reconcile with simplicity and precision – everyone needs to agree on the same view of which customers are entitled to use which products, where they are in the product lifecycle from offered or pending to active, suspended or ultimately ended. Bango provides a simple, standard way for everyone to connect their view, to correlate against a single master view and to reconcile any anomalies that may be uncovered. Bango takes the risk and complexity out of ensuring customers get the right products and everyone is only paying for the right things.
  9. Support offline and online – ensure customers can receive offers and sign up as part of both in-store and online experiences. Bango provides unique file-based entitlement management allowing physical stores to submit end-of-day batch file updates as well as real-time API updates from point of sale. This delivers instant launch – simply send batch updates until API integration is complete.
  10. Third and first-party products in every possible direction and combination – products come from everyone, including you. Bango ensures you can deliver the best third-party product offers. We also enable you to mix the best third-party products with your own first-party products, or to simply offer first-party products on their own. We also encourage you to offer your first-party products via partners – imagine a gaming or movie subscription brand easily being able to offer your data products to their customers.
  11. Migrate subscribers to your offers, supporting upgrades on the way – so the customer already has a movie subscription directly with Netflix, but they really love the idea of your VIP discounted movie offer. Plus, they like the idea of consolidating their subscription payment to a partner they know and trust. Netflix also likes the idea of you taking over the subscription because it’s proven to make both relationships stickier.

    Bango makes migrating customers subscriptions quick and simple – we confirm merchant permission and seamlessly migrate. Any remaining paid allowance in the month can be stacked for the customer to continue when their new subscription ends, it can be added onto an initial promotional period, or the first payment can be automatically prorated. Bango supports product upgrades or downgrades as part of any subscription migration, allowing customers to move from a basic to advanced service as part of the move.
  12. Encourage product upgrade and upsell – getting the most from each customer means making it simple to offer them upgrades and add-ons. For example, bundle the basic product for free alongside your own products, but offer the customer the option to take standard for just $5.50 extra, or premium for $10 more. Bango accounts for all the mid-month changes in subscription fees as customers take up offers, automatically prorating where necessary or stacking existing plans onto the end of a new one. Bango also supports customers downgrading where required.

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