Bango announces the launch of the updated Bango Marketplace, giving app publishers and performance agencies a powerful way to target user acquisition campaigns based on purchase behavior that is not available anywhere else.

Targeting proven payers is the holy grail for app marketers. Bango Marketplace gives app marketers access to custom ’Audiences’ of proven payers that focus their Facebook campaigns directly on the people most likely to buy.

Reach high spending payers in similar apps

Bango Audiences are based on the emerging science of purchase behavior targeting. Using these techniques, app marketers can individually tailor audiences to reach the most desirable segment of payers based on category, spending behavior and similar titles.  

Where Facebook enables targeting based on interests like ‘health and fitness apps’, Bango Audiences enable targeting based on payers in specific meditation apps. App marketers can provide a list of titles to use in building an audience of payers, these tailored audiences are made available only to the individual users.

Target a broader range of app categories and geographies

With the Bango Marketplace updates, app marketers can now select from a broader range of app categories with the addition of Audiences focused at payers in health and fitness, social casino, interactive game apps and many more. The comprehensive set of standard Bango Audience app categories is continually being expanded along with more geographies. New Bango Audiences have been added that reach more payers in tier 1 geographies including USA, Japan and Europe. These are available to all users on

“App marketers want to reach people who will become paying customers – purchase behavior targeting enables marketers to focus their marketing solely towards those audiences. When you know who buys, your targeting becomes much more valuable. The powerful combination of purchase behavior, app category and campaign region now available at, laser focuses campaigns to best fit the individual app strategy and return the highest payer conversion. Don’t forget that 5% of users generate over 80% of app revenues, with Bango Audiences you get straight to these elusive payers.

Brett Orlanski, SVP Marketplace

Bango Audiences are trusted by an increasing number of app publishers and performance agencies in their UA campaigns to acquire a higher conversion of install to payer, including Nexon, Tec-Do, Zitga and Smule.