Online merchants can enter new markets faster and more simply thanks to a new partnership between Bango and TPAY MOBILE.

A new partnership connecting the Bango and TPAY MOBILE online commerce platforms has created the opportunity for online merchants to reach 1.5bn more people from today. Merchants using the Bango Platform to collect payments and to distribute their products through resale and bundle deals can now leverage the massive footprint of carrier billing and wallet providers that TPAY MOBILE brings to the Bango ecosystem.  

TPAY has built extensive coverage across Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, a fast growing and distinctly “mobile first” region. This reach has now been added to the Bango ecosystem and is available to merchant partners through their existing Bango API connection.

For payment providers integrated to Bango, there is now the opportunity to work with brands like  Unity, Huawei, PUBG and Tencent, alongside regional digital merchants that TPAY has enabled across MEA and Turkey .

Online marketers and app developers also benefit with higher returns on marketing spend. An array of valuable new Bango Audiences that target marketing based on purchase behavior will become available through data partnerships established by TPAY. Campaigns using purchase behavior targeting gain a higher ROI for merchants, so that marketing dollars deliver revenue.

TPAY has grown to be the regional leader through relentless investment in technology and commercial relationships to unlock the value of digital commerce and financial inclusion across MEA and Turkey. Bango welcomes TPAY and its partners to the Bango Circle, and looks forward to thriving together in the coming years.

Sahar Salama, CEO of TPAY MOBILE, commented:This partnership with Bango – a global leader and innovator in online commerce – represents another significant milestone in TPAY MOBILE’s journey, reiterating our strategy around collaboration as the chosen route for making an impact in the age of unrivalled growth of API and platform economy. It also reinforces our commitment to continuously invest, into the global ecosystem, to unlock the value of digital commerce and financial inclusion across MEA and Turkey.

This partnership significantly increases the value of the digital commerce ecosystem for customers of both Bango  and TPAY ”, said Paul Larbey, Bango CEO.It accelerates Bango towards a key goal, to put people at the centre of commerce by enabling financial inclusion for everyone.”