AnimationFC and Bango deliver a mobile experience from the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship

With excitement mounting at the Professional World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace in London, darts fans can get all the latest news and enjoy the experience on their mobile phones wherever they are.
For example, fans can download an animation video of Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor who is the hot favourite to win and claim his fourteenth world title by visiting the Mobile section at
Also on the site, fans can buy and download other official PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) animated videos or wallpapers of the other leading contenders as well as ringtones featuring popular darts anthems including the timeless: “one hundred and eighty”. AnimationFC, best know for providing animated mobile content to the UK’s top football clubs, has created the content and uses Bango’s billing network to charge for it. For example, an animation or ringtone costs just £3.
The PDC mobile site was developed by Perform Ltd who also built the PDC website. And while the UK has the largest darts following, fans anywhere around the world can access and pay for content on their phone bill thanks to Bango’s global payment system.
“The PDC has recognised the power of mobile to reach out to its huge growing international fan base with a mix of fun and entertaining content,” said Gavin Skelhorn, Director of AnimationFC. “The animations have already proved hugely popular for football clubs and darts enthusiasts, quick to join in and support their favourite players.”
“The mobile web presents an exciting opportunity to any type of sport to engage with a loyal international fan base,” says Sarah Keefe, VP Marketing at Bango. “And with our global billing solution available in any country and on any network, fans anywhere can enjoy the experience while providing a new revenue stream for the official organisers.”
The final for the 2009 World Darts Championship runs until the 4th of January 2009.
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