Chris Anderson talking at Media Bistro Circus on May 20, 2008The excellent talk at yesterday’s MediaBistro Circus in New York city by Chris Anderson, of Long Tail fame made me think about how marketing is changing.  Once TV and radio was the main channel to push out your messages – now we can deliver more focused marketing in the online world.  Mobile is taking this one step closer to real people who could be looking for your product.

In his talk, Chris presented research by PubMatic that showed niche online sites, here social networking sites, command higher ad CPMs than generic sites such as MySpace or Facebook.  That’s because the niche sites have more value to advertisers – they can match their message onto the right psychographic  reflected by the viewers of these niche sites.

In mobile, we can take the granularity of the online world one step further.  Because mobile captures so much more detail about the user, we can fine tune the messaging even more.  For the first time on mobile, we can uniquely identify individual users as they navigate through a site.  We can build up a picture of their interests, their buying behavior and what influences them.  This picture can take time to build but match this with mobile specific data such as the user’s country, network (often demographic differences between them) and handset (think what that says about the user) and you have a winning combination. 

What’s your view on mobile marketing?  Do you think that mobile offers an exciting world of possibilities?