Leading content providers embrace the mobile internet model

A “quiet revolution” is taking place in the way that media companies and content providers engage with their consumers, says Bango. The opening-up of mobile traffic channels – paying for on-deck links to off-deck sites and mobile advertising through Yahoo! and Google – means that content providers are acquiring customers through the mobile internet rather than via PC web affiliate programs.

“WAP billing is now the preferred way to sell content to customers acquired through mobile marketing, said Anil Malhotra, SVP of Marketing and Alliances at Bango. “This ‘e-commerce for the mobile web’ will, we predict, dominate how subscriptions are marketed and sold in the US within the next 12 months.”

Subscriptions are the mainstay of the mobile content market in the US. Bango’s MMA compliant WAP-based mobile subscription service provides a seamless consumer journey and eliminates the need to send text messages to make a purchase. It offers a safe buying experience for consumers – the price, subscription time period and T&Cs are clearly displayed on-screen before consumers click to purchase.
A recent update to the Bango mobile subscription service provides an API so content providers can immediately see the status of all their subscriptions.

“Bango re-bills consumers on their behalf once the subscription period has finished, notifying the user by text,” continued Malhotra. “Using the Bango API, content providers get up-to-date information on the status of each subscription which is invaluable as they measure the conversion rates of their mobile marketing.”

“The WAP model capitalizes on this year’s surge in mobile web browsing and helps users find what they want and buy more sophisticated offers such as subscriptions with total confidence,” continued Malhotra. “We anticipate US mobile operators will support more flexibility around subscription pricing models next year with the introduction of weekly subs, at price points other than $9.99.”

For more information go to www.bango.com/subscriptions
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