Site building tools such as mobiSiteGalore now embed Bango monetization functionality

To help the mass market take full advantage of a low cost, mobile web presence, Bango today introduced the Bango Boosted API so mobile site building tools can automatically provide the ability to charge for content.
mobiSiteGalore (www.mobisitegalore.comThis link will open in a new window) from Akmin Technologies is the first site building tool to integrate with the Bango Boosted APIs and add Bango functionality to its core product. The services will also be available to users of, the dotMobi site-building tool powered by mobiSiteGalore.

“Bango Boosted is part of our mission to make the mobile web simple by making the experience of developing and launching a mobile website more in line with the experience of building a PC web presence. When anyone selects a Bango-Boosted development tool, they gain an immediate advantage by being able to collect money for content sold from their site.”– Trevor Goldberg, VP of Strategic Partners at Bango

Bango powered sites get more traffic and make more money, but until now, anyone building a mobile site had to visit to get these added benefits. Now, site building tools can use the Bango secure web services interface to provide this Bango value add directly from their own site building tool.
“The integration effort required has been extremely straightforward and we are now able to offer customers of our site building platform additional benefits based on Bango’s well proven technology,” said Srikanth S, VP of Technology at Akmin Technologies, which will make Bango functionality available to its existing mobiSiteGalore licensees, primarily domain name registrars.

“Making mobile commerce easy to deploy is sure to encourage the growth of both on-deck and off-deck content. dotMobi is excited to offer this functionality to businesses of all sizes who are looking to do business on the mobile web,”– David Ryder, VP of Sales and Marketing of dotMobi, the company behind the .mobi domain.

Bango Boosted automatically activates entry level Bango functionality for any mobile website. The website owner can add more functionality when they are ready. In addition to adding a wide range of must-have features, mobile site building providers using Bango Boosted have the potential to share usage and upgrade revenues with Bango as their customers expand their presence on the mobile web.