Internet access on the go

Internet access on the go

With so many more consumers discovering how to go online through their phones, mobile is attracting significantly more attention from online businesses. Mobile broadband has made a big difference by enabling a wholesale expansion of online activity to consumers through their mobiles.

Wikipedia describes mobile broadband as “various types of wireless high-speed internet access through a portable device”. So it could be from your mobile phone, a smartphone or your laptop fitted with a dongle!

However you view it, businesses are now getting an “anytime, anywhere” insight into what consumers are doing, gather data on them, fire relevant marketing and advertising at them, and concluding transactions.

Mobile web analytics is the new technology that’s drawing online marketing to mobile. Detailed data on individual users, their phones, browsing behaviour, buying habits, what they are interested in and when, enable targeted advertising and the ability to sell from the phone in the customer’s hand.

The mobile money ecosystem matches anything that can be monetized through the PC internet. It has the additional benefit that the mobile phone bill becomes a convenient way to pay, faster and more secure than online credit card transactions.

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