Bango announces that deploying its payment optimization technology has enabled du, the leading UAE mobile operator, to grow its active carrier billing customer base.

Growing the number of customers that activate and use Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), a one-click method of charging purchases to the user’s mobile phone bill, is a powerful way for operators to capture more value from the consumption of “OTT” content and services, for example from app stores.

Using Bango technology, the du customers who wanted to spend in the Google Play store using carrier billing were identified, and targeted with a DCB re-engagement message. This enabled the customer to activate DCB within a pre-approved credit limit. The risk was that the customers who could not pay on their du phone bill would switch to a non-DCB payment method, losing the benefits of one-click payment, and reducing the percentage of du subscribers that enrol to use carrier billing. Within two weeks of launching the campaign, 20% of the segment had re-engaged and made at least one purchase with carrier billing.

Baseil Zaki, Head of Value Added Services, Devices & Loyalty, du Consumer Services commented: “du works hard to enhance and expand the services we offer our customers, providing the best experience across a range of leading OTT services. Bango is a long term, trusted partner du uses to power these services, which include Google Play and Amazon Prime. The success we have experienced with the latest Bango technology is significant, we are excited to apply this technology to activate and grow new audiences for our mobile commerce offerings.”

Jim Plimmer, SVP Payment Products Strategy and Sales at Bango commented: “Bango technology combines payment data insights with smart marketing technology to enable mobile operators and merchants to get the right message, to the right user, at the right time. This combination provides a powerful route to attract and grow the active user base.”