Ray has a technical background, taught Physics by Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, he switched to Computer Science and went on to work with the team that created the ARM processor. After meeting Steve Jobs who bought software from Ray at the beginning of NeXT, Ray concentrated on user experience, going on to ship the first commercial web browser - IXI Mosaic, before moving into Unix and then ultimately selling his business to Sun.

After a brief break to fly his plane and undertake humanitarian work, he co-founded Bango in 1999 to enable businesses with valuable services to collect payments from phone users connected to the internet. It was a highly contrarian vision, at a time when mobile operators such as Vodafone, device makers such as Nokia and industry goliath Microsoft all claimed that they would be acting as content gatekeepers.

Bango became the first company to open up one-click mobile web billing in Europe with Vodafone and Telefónica, and then on US networks AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Ray's obsession with providing the smoothest possible smartphone payment flows, and partnering with mobile operators has led to innovations and patents for Bango and deals with Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft among others.

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