Initial launch in USA

Bango announces an agreement with, the world’s #1 app for daily prayer & faith-based media content, to expand their global customer base through payment and bundling initiatives. The partnership launched first in USA, where eligible customers can now improve their mental and spiritual health by enabling’s premium experience using their telco account.

Downloads for skyrocketed during the pandemic with subscriber numbers growing by 22X last year, making a top 10 grossing lifestyle app in more than 125 countries. The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a massive global surge in mental and spiritual wellness apps over the past two years, with leading the way on the religious front. By partnering with Bango and telco’s across the globe, is increasing the options for users to sign-up giving millions of new people the ability to unlock full access to a wealth of faith-based self-care and well-being content on the platform.

Telcos who use the Bango Platform to offer to their customers will benefit from Bango data insights technology to identify users who are most likely to be interested in particular services. These insights help them to target offers to users who are interested in paid streaming subscriptions, increasing uptake and customer retention.

Bango has been a great supporter of and is helping us distribute our mental and spiritual health solution to as many people as possible. By leveraging Bango’s technology and partnerships, is able to increase access to people in markets with a high number of unbanked users, such as Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We are excited to continue working together with Bango to grow faith, cultivate community, and leave a legacy of helping others.” 

Steve Gatena, CEO at

Opening up access to content and services for consumers is a key goal for Bango. Telcos and resellers can now add as a complementary offer to the music, video, gaming, and other subscription services they offer through the Bango Platform. is one of the top wellbeing apps in the USA, we look forward to spreading the word to millions more people across the world.”

Brent McCray, Director of Business Development – Americas at Bango joins Xbox, Spotify, Amazon and other leading digital subscription merchants who use Bango technology and partnerships to power their payment and resale offers.