Innovation is Bango’s lifeblood. This year, Bango Audiences have been recognized three times for their revolutionary approach to app marketing. Not bad for a product that was launched only last year.

Bango Audiences have won a number of industry nods in 2020, including a nomination by the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards in the category for the ‘Most Effective Use of Data’. Business of Apps named Bango Marketplace in the ‘Top 20 of User Acquisition’ companies. And to top off the year, Bango Audiences have just been named a finalist in the ‘App Growth Innovation’ category at the App Promotion Summit’s App Growth Awards. Here’s why.

Bango Audiences answer a very real problem facing app developers: how do you find new users that will pay in your app – and increase your revenues? Bango provides an innovative solution to this app growth struggle by bringing user acquisition and monetization together. Bango processes billions of dollars of payment transactions for leading app stores. Bango analyzes this purchase information to produce audiences that app developers can use in their campaigns to get them straight to paying users. Bango Marketplace is filled with audiences of users who pay in apps, across continents and categories, including RPG, gaming, puzzle, education, social casino and health and fitness.

By simply adding a Bango Audience to their Facebook marketing campaigns, in just one-click, app developers around the world have seen up to a 9X increase in paying users acquired. Mobile games developer Zitga, saw a 20% increase in ROAS after applying a Bango Audience to their Facebook campaign. Nimble Neuron increased the engagement rate of users acquired from their campaign AND captured a 2X increase in paying users.

This cutting-edge method of user acquisition means app developers no longer have to hunt for a needle in a haystack. Those elusive paying users are served up as an easy-to-apply Bango Audience.

Try a Bango Audience in your next campaign, and see why they are being recognized as an innovative and successful approach for paying user acquisition.