Bango Audiences

Reach users that pay in similar apps to yours

Run your TikTok and Facebook ads straight to the people who are most likely to pay, because they’re already payers in similar apps to yours. Bango Audiences are built by analyzing purchase behavior from billions of dollars of consumer spending, across millions of apps. App developers and merchants use these GDPR compliant audiences in user acquisition campaigns to increase the conversion rate of new payers, enabling faster revenue generation.

Bango Audiences are shared to your TikTok or Facebook ad account and/or media agencies, without any integration required. Try one today

  • Increase the conversion rate of paying users by up to 2x
  • Focus your campaigns on users who are proven to pay for similar content and generate more revenue
  • Start using Bango Audiences immediately, no integration required
  • Safe, secure, compliant with GDPR and other relevant data regulations

Bango Audiences provide a unique, innovative way to reach payers. It is simple to apply one to your campaign and get straight to payers. 


Select Bango Audiences based on spending behavior, app category and campaign region


Bango Audiences are immediately available in your TikTok or Facebook Ad Account to target your ads


Apply Bango Audiences to your TikTok or Facebook campaign in one-click

Don’t just take our word for it…

“NEXON have increased ROAS and decreased CPI by targeting our campaigns with Bango Audiences.

Bango Audiences use purchase behavior targeting to get our ads straight to payers. This has proven to be a powerful tool in NEXON’s paying user acquisition strategy which we are applying to an increasing range of titles and acquisition campaigns.”

Mr Lee WooChang, Team Manager UA Department at Nexon.

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Increase the conversion from install to payers by 2X

Reach users that pay in similar apps to yours

Run your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok ads straight to the people who are most likely to pay.