Today, at the Sprint Developer Conference, Sprint (NYSE: S) announced enhancements to its Sprint Application Developer website with the introduction of the Sprint Services Framework. The Sprint Services Framework provides a single web 2.0 interface for developers to access application programming interfaces (API’s) directly from Sprint that offers developers seamless capabilities across most Sprint devices including mobile handsets and embedded devices, operating systems and development environments including web pages and applications.
Through the Sprint Services Framework, developers can obtain in-depth information on each service capability including:
• Overview information
• Videos that showcase the service capabilities
• Interactive demonstrations that the developer can use in real time
• Customer testimonials highlighting how developers are using Sprint
Services Framework
• Use cases highlighting the use of a combination of the service capabilities in the Sprint Services Framework
Developers also can utilize network services such as location based services (LBS), SMS, MMS, geofence and presence through the Sprint Services Framework. They can experiment with the API’s through the Sprint Developer Sandbox and utilize developer guides, sample code and emulators that are available on the ADP website. Once the developer is ready to integrate the API into code for production use, they can simply purchase those services directly from the website.
In addition, Sprint is providing access to third-party value added services that developers can purchase to further optimize their applications or solutions.
BangoBango Analytics provides Sprint developers with a complete view of their mobile application business, across all mobile platforms and channels. Sprint developers can download Bango’s Software Development Kit, allowing them to get standardized and independent data about their app activity in real-time. Bango Analytics also fully integrates with Bango Payment, enabling developers to relate application usage to revenues generated from end user payments and ads.
Location Based Services:
AirSage – Sprint has partnered with AirSage to offer developers a new location based services option. Developers can also work with AirSage directly to access additional value added services. AirSage provides comprehensive population location and movement information derived from wireless signaling data. AirSage’s patented data collection and analysis platform processes over 3 billion device locations every day. AirSage offers a suite of products reporting vehicle traffic and population movement patterns, as well as real-time and historical data sets to power mobile marketing, consumer behavior analysis, market analytics, and other location-aware applications.
Location Labs (coming soon) – Sprint has partnered with Location Labs, the leading provider of mobile location-as-a-service infrastructure and applications, to include it’s new Sparkle Technology on future Smartphones. This new Smartphone location infrastructure and Web services API will help our ecosystem extend existing applications and create new services that leverage hybrid Smartphone location and controls with geofencing and location, all delivered by Location Labs.
Barcode Scanning Services:
ScanLife – ScanLife offers a wide variety of developer tools that enable a complete mobile barcode solution. The ScanLife software development kit (SDK) converts virtually any camera phone into a barcode scanner to read standard 2D barcode formats including QR Code, Datamatrix, EZcode; and 1D formats such as UPC/EAN. The ScanLife API’s can help generate, manage, and track 2D codes to mobilize a wide variety of digital content. In seconds, create codes that link to app downloads, business listings, contact information, and much more.
M2M/Prototyping Services:
Bug Labs – Bug Labs offers M2M product development and deployment solutions that help enterprises significantly reduce the time and cost associated with bringing wireless devices to market. The company’s offering, the BUG, is an open source hardware and software development platform comprised of a series of modules that can be snapped together and programmed to create new wireless devices, creating a faster, smarter approach to product innovation. Visit to learn more about how Bug Labs enables M2M applications.
“As a leader in the mobile application development space, Sprint is committed to offering developers the tools and resources they need to create innovative applications and bring them to market quickly,” said Len Barlik, vice president of wireless and wireline services for Sprint. “The Sprint Services Framework offers developers seamless capabilities across devices, operating systems and development environments.”
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