Telcos: Leading the Super Bundling revolution

Bango research highlights telco opportunity to deliver subscription bundling at scale

Growing consumer overwhelm creates opportunity for telcos

As the number and variety of subscription services continues to rise, it’s no wonder we’re finding it hard to manage all these disjointed services.

SVOD, gaming, music, movies, food delivery, fitness, travel, retail, education…the list of subscription services goes on. Yet, control and management of our subscriptions hasn’t advanced with the growing choice.

Managing these services is now at the forefront of consumers demands.


of subscribers want a single hub for subscriptions

Subscribers have their say….


are annoyed that they can’t manage all their subscriptions in one place


say it’s become too hard to keep track of their subscriptions


say they’re consistently frustrated with how they currently manage and pay for their subscription bills

Telcos hold the key

Subscribers are crying out for telcos to take control of the disjointed subscription experience.

Many consumers look beyond individual streaming services for more inclusive all-in-one subscription platforms. In this environment, telcos have fast become the go-to choice for consumers looking to centralize their subscriptions.

Those that offer this capability will be rewarded with customer growth, higher revenue per customer, and greater loyalty.


of subscribers want their telcos to provide a single hub for all subscriptions


of subscribers want the ability to pay multiple subscriptions on one bill


of subscribers would be more loyal to a telco that provided a content hub


of subscribers would pay a higher monthly mobile/internet bill if subscriptions were bundled

How to launch subscription bundles at scale – ‘Super Bundling’

With the massive increase in the number of subscription services in the market, telcos are turning to super bundling to meet consumer needs.

Super Bundling is packaging together multiple subscription services and offering them all in one place. Consumers can find and manage the subscriptions they want through one user interface, managed through one bill.

The Digital Vending Machine® from Bango is the telecoms industry’s only single platform that enables telcos to deploy and manage bundled offers with speed, efficiency and precision across the entire lifecycle.

Control everything from bundle offer, price and promotion through a single software platform, pre-configured for the world’s most popular subscription services.

Leverage standardized technology to deliver bundling at scale in months, rather than years.

Working with Bango helps us broaden our reach to consumers across the world through a range of reputable brands allowing our users to easily opt into our service via their mobile phone plans
Gauthier Van Malderen CEO at Perlego


of telco leaders struggle to maintain engagement with customers


of telco leaders have offered streaming video services as part of their bundles and deals


of telco leaders plan to offer a content hub

How Super Bundling benefits telcos

Super Bundling enables telcos to leverage the brand recognition and consumer appeal of leading subscription services, generating massive marketing power.

Increase ARPU

Bundling provides upsell opportunities and enables several product purchases from a single customer.


Go beyond a commodity service. Add value to attract and retain customer base.


Makes higher value mobile packages more attractive. Bundling also reduces customer acquisition cost (CAC).


Joint marketing, introductory offers, enhanced targeting and the consumer appeal of bundles all contribute to more effective marketing.


Provides an attractive tool to reward customers as part of retention campaigns.

Join the Super Bundling revolution

Enabling this super-fast time to market means that telcos can focus on the things that matter most to them: customer acquisition, retention and engagement.

Developing subscription hubs with telcos including Verizon and Optus, we’ve helped create bundling partnerships for subscription services spanning Netflix, ESPN, Amazon Prime, Duolingo, YouTube, Peloton, Audible and more.

Contact Bango to find out how the Digital Vending Machine® can help you scale your subscriptions business, fast.

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All data taken from Bango research reports, available for free download here