The world has changed. App marketing will never be the same.

It seems as if digital advertising has fallen into ruin. New legislation and privacy-conscious consumers are reluctant to share their in-app data, Apple is restricting IDFAs while Google continues to phase out third party cookies.

App developers are unable to run targeted ads, leading to a strange new world where marketing teams are faced with unreachable users, and developers are left without means to generate leads and revenues. A hard marketing job has gotten much, much harder.

At Bango, we’ve always known that purchase behavior targeting is the best way to crush your advertising KPIs, even in the face of the App-ocalypse. That’s why we’re launching our first ever comic book, illustrating the challenges marketers now face, and presenting a way to navigate this new, chaotic landscape.

Featuring a guest appearance from yours truly, the new four-page comic takes us deep into the heart of our imaginary App Avenue. Once the happy home of user acquisition, it has now descended into chaos. A zombie app-ocalypse has taken hold amidst all the post-cookie mayhem, but an intrepid app developer hero seeks a solution to targeting new users once again…

Apocalyptic metaphors aside, the world of app marketing is truly changing and it’s vital that app developers can still reach audiences in this new landscape. That’s why we developed Bango Audiences.

Based on purchase behavior data from billions of consumer app purchases that we process, Bango Audiences enable marketers to reach hundreds of thousands of users who’ve previously made an in-app purchase. That way, marketers can target users who actually want to buy.

What’s more, we don’t rely on IDFAs, cookies or other established app-marketing models to make this happen.

No agencies, no SDK integrations. Just book the relevant custom audience at and you’re ready to target users on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more platforms coming soon.

App marketing may never be the same – but you’ll survive the App-ocalypse with Bango Audiences.

Find your way through the advertising chaos. Download our App-ocalypse comic and book an audience today.