Bango shows more repeat sales and happier customers

New research from Bango demonstrates that consumers who buy content on the mobile web go on to buy more content and require less support and fewer refunds than users who buy mobile content through Premium SMS. On the mobile web, there are three times as many add-on sales giving marketers a greater return from their marketing dollars.

“The mobile web gives consumers a payment experience they are already familiar with on the PC web because they can see the price and conditions of purchase before they click to pay and are billed, they feel much more comfortable with the whole experience.” Martin Harris, Senior VP of Sales at Bango.

Harris will be explaining in detail why the mobile web provides users with a superior user experience during his presentation at Mobile Web Americas on October 3 in Orlando, Florida.
The research shows that customers purchase more from Internet sites accessed by mobiles, than from SMS or MMS delivery of paid-for content. Where content such as ringtones, games and wallpapers are sold off the page from advertising or from websites, people have to identify which item they want, then text a string of codes or phone a Premium rate line to buy a single item.
Independent figures show that only 18% of people then go through that process again to make further purchases. Additionally, Bango research indicates that 46% of consumers make multiple purchases when they visit a mobile website built on the “browse and buy” mobile retailing model.
With the Premium SMS off-portal content model, refunds are between 10-20% of sales*. In contrast, on the mobile web, refunds account for fewer than 1% of transactions. During the month of July, Bango reported just 136 refunds per 100,000 transactions; customer queries were closer to 75 per 100,000 transactions.
More businesses are now launching a mobile web presence so they can engage directly with their consumers anytime and from anywhere. Through a common integration point, Bango makes it easy for them to drive traffic to a mobile website, understand who the visitors are, track marketing campaigns and collect payment for digital content world-wide.
* Source: iGillott, Qpass, 2006