Mobile web analytics is all about the quality and accuracy of the information – being able to make the best decisions based on your unique visitors and their interactions with your mobile website and mobile marketing campaigns. It is important to use the right tools in the right places to collect the best visitor information in each circumstance. Bango provides a range of data collection technologies to ensure the best quality of information can always be collected. To further improve this Bango is introducing a new data capture technology – Page Tracking. This sits alongside and compliments our existing Campaign Tracking technology – which is already being used to measure the success of many mobile marketing campaigns.

It is important to use both Page Tracking and Campaign Tracking to get the best picture of your visitors and their actions. Get accurate mobile analytics from Bango

Page Tracking identifies and records each unique visitor that navigates your site. All you need to do is add a very simple line of HTML code to each page you wish to track, especially landing pages, home pages and goals, such as download pages and forms. Page tracking records page views using a familiar image tag technology that has been enhanced with Bango unique user identification capabilities.

Campaign Tracking gives you the most accurate record of consumers interacting with your banner ads, search terms and other mobile marketing campaigns. You simply register your landing page and we give you tracking URLs to use in your campaign. Campaign tracking uses URL redirection, the same approach used by many ad-tracking companies. It uses the same visitor fingerprinting algorithm to identify unique visitors and can additionally pass back the user identification, country, operator and handset to your landing page, allowing the site to be personalized for each unique visitor.

Where Page Tracking shows visitors that have viewed a page, Campaign Tracking records an individuals decision to click on a link you control – ahead of a page being displayed. Combining both mechanisms gives you the ability to compare clicks from your ads with people separately browsing to the same landing page. Interestingly, our tracking links can be used to monitor people clicking links to leaving your site, navigating to any third party site you don’t own – this could be partner sites, forums and blogs.

Campaign tracking is also used to identify and record people interacting with your text campaigns (Txt Trigger) or from desktop web promotions from your PC website (Web Trigger) or from forums, blogs and social sites (Bango Button).

Page Tracking will be launced in Version 3 of Bango Analytics which is due later this month. Contact us if you would like to learn more about Page Tracking (or get a sneak peak).