More businesses are using the age-old marketing trick of bundling and resale. Afterall, what consumer doesn’t love a deal? Bundling desirable products with your own services creates powerful offers that attract and retain more customers. Dig through social media and you’ll be spoilt for choice by the array of bundled offers. But that’s the problem. With such a competitive landscape, it’s vital to ensure your bundling and resale initiatives are designed to win. It’s easier than you think!

In our new ‘Bundle your way to success’ guide, we lay out the winning formula for telcos, retailers and other mass market consumer businesses to rise up against the competition, leading to more satisfied customers who stay loyal to you for longer.

Choice is key for consumers. The streaming subscriptions model offers vast choice. One subscription opens up unlimited access to massive content libraries. Research shows that there will be well over a billion streaming accounts globally across platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, by the end of 2020. Add to that accounts for new subscription services launched over the last 12 months, including Disney+, Apple TV+, and HBO Max, and it’s not surprising there has been a huge surge in interest for bundled subscriptions.

But, with more services coming to market, one bundle is not enough for entertainment-hungry consumers! This presents an opportunity for resellers to get ahead of the game through launching an array of leading OTT services quickly. Once live, maximize the opportunity by driving usage to increase customer retention. Here’s how.

Bango has been pioneering bundling and resale with services from Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and BritBox. As we head towards the festive season, Bango offers you the ultimate downloadable guide to bundling and resale success in 2021 and beyond. It tells you everything you need to know to inject your bundling and resale business with superpowers that will win more customers and elevate your offering. Ultimately it will turn your resale business from ordinary, to extraordinary.

Download your copy and learn how to ‘Bundle your way to success’.