Bango Marketplace gets app developers straight to paying users, which gets you to revenue faster. Now we’ve made it even easier for you to reach the audiences that generate the most revenue.

Open access

You can now instantly view ALL audiences on Bango Marketplace. You don’t need to provide any details to browse the valuable audiences of paying users available. Take a look at Bango Marketplace audiences now.

Search for your perfect audience

The new search bar allows you to get straight to the audiences you are looking for, without the need to browse through every single offer. Audiences are filtered as you type the characteristics you are most interested in. Use the new search feature to find audiences by country, audience type (e.g. top spenders, paying users), size or other characteristics.

Find paying users from anywhere

The new, open access Bango Marketplace means that you can search for paying user audiences – in your target countries – from popular search engines such as Google. Try it out by typing ‘Middle East paying users audience’ in any search engine!

Come and explore Bango Marketplace to start reaching paying users today.