Let’s face it, digital marketing is broken – and the board knows it.

Businesses around the world are spending a fortune on search and social media marketing, but the average conversion rate has become embarrassingly low.

For now, the social media giants have been able to hide this fact behind a torrent of vague, confusing and often completely meaningless metrics.

At the same time, digital marketing professionals have been taught to obsess over likes, shares and engagement rates. But this type of digital engagement increasingly fails to translate into paying customers.

So what can be done? Are PPC, search ads and social really on the decline, or can marketers still convince their CEOs that digital does deliver?

Those are the questions we set out to answer in our latest research project – Board to Death: Why digital marketing is failing to impress in the board room.

Through an international survey of 200 CEOs, we set out to discover…

  • Why digital marketing metrics are boring the board to death
  • Why search and social advertising is failing to reach paying customers
  • Why over half of CEOs wouldn’t endorse future social spending
  • How a new type of targeting is tying digital marketing back to sales

Want to know more? Check out our full interactive report at bango.com/board-to-death