Bango powers mobile payments for all types of goods, services on all devices, for the world’s most popular online stores including Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Bango technology is chosen to deliver unique payment insights that enable these global leaders to boost payment success, grow revenue and reach more customers who can pay for the products and services they want.

Used by the leaders to reach billions

One integration to the Bango Platform immediately opens-up hundreds of payments routes across the world.

Leading online stores including Amazon, Google and Microsoft choose the Bango Platform to deliver the best payment experience, enabling their customers to pay with Direct Carrier Billing, mobile money, wallets and other next generation payment methods.

Maximize sales success and customer acquisition

Bango technology provides unique, data-driven insights that boost sales success and increase customer acquisition.

The Bango Platform processes billions of transactions generating a vast pool of payment data. Deep-dive analysis and unique industry benchmarking identifies how to improve and optimize payment performance, prioritizing the actions that deliver more paying customers that spend more, more often.

Capture the entire market

Connect once and reach the world. The Bango Platform provides a single API, a single operational process, and a single source of payment data and reporting.

Offer payment for digital and physical goods. You can sell direct to consumer or through online stores. The Bango Platform maximizes your engagement with customers who can purchase any content, from every device - mobile, home and business - using Direct Carrier Billing, and other alternative payment methods.

Leaders are thriving with Bango