The subscription market is booming, fuelled by a seemingly unquenchable thirst from consumers for more content. Juniper Research forecasts that the global subscriptions market will reach $600 billion by 2026, up from $100 billion in 2018, with subscriptions per person more than doubling from 2.2 to 5.3 over the same period. Subscriptions provide consumers with an experience dependability – they depend on a known cost and depend on continuous service availability.

However, the success of the subscription economy presents a challenge. On one hand, consumers desire more choice, but they feel overwhelmed by the abundance and fragmentation of digital subscriptions. Rather than reducing their subscriptions, consumers seek assistance in managing their options.

According to the recent Bango survey of 5,000 US consumers, 73% want one app to manage all subscriptions services and 54% say that they would spend more time using their subscriptions if this was available. 69% also want the ability to pay for multiple subscriptions via one monthly bill. Consumers are seeking a solution – a single platform to manage and enjoy their subscriptions – what they want is Super Bundling.

What is Super Bundling?

Super Bundling is a digital revolution driven by consumers that is bringing resellers – such as telcos, banks and retailers – and content providers together like never before. This innovative approach consolidates multiple subscriptions into a seamless experience, so subscribers can pay for and manage subscriptions all in one place. Leading the charge are content hubs like +play from Verizon and the Optus SubHub.

Why Super Bundling is a winner

  • Reach and awareness – leverage resellers established and trusted distribution channels to reach more paying customers
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs – CAC is reduced through joint marketing, funded introductory offers and enhanced targeting
  • Simplified payments – one-click payment enabled by resellers like telcos provides consumers with a better payment experience
  • Stickiness – increased retention when customers are acquired and billed through trusted partners and combined with other desirable subscription services
  • Value – increased value perception when Super Bundling brings partners and creative offers together

How to get started

The Digital Vending Machine® from Bango gives content providers access to a ready-made distribution, marketing and billing network offered by some of the biggest resellers around the world including telcos, banks and retailer. Bringing together resellers and content providers in one place, the Digital Vending Machine® from Bango is a SaaS product that enables the Super Bundling of content subscriptions at speed and scale.

Learn more about the Digital Vending Machine® from Bango.