Bango enables hundreds of mobile, fixed and broadband providers to ‘super bundle’ subscriptions with speed and at scale.

By connecting to the Digital Vending Machine® (DVM™) from Bango, telcos can become key players in the growing subscription ecosystem, by partnering with leading content providers to bundle and offer their subscription products. The DVM™ enables subscription bundling at scale – called Super Bundling – to acquire, engage and retain subscribers for longer.

Amazon. Google. Microsoft. These online leaders trust Bango to deliver the best product bundling and payment experiences for their customers. This means telcos connecting to the DVM™ can unlock the revenue growth driven by these industry leaders and a growing ecosystem of over 100 more content providers.

The Digital Vending Machine®

Powering payments

In addition to bundling third-party subscriptions, your customers can charge the cost of their subscriptions and other purchases to their telco bill. Expand charge-to-bill payment by enabling merchants to offer their customers carrier billing and other payment methods directly from their online stores and products.

Hundreds of telcos today depend on Bango to provide access to mobile payments for app stores and major merchants. Through Bango, billions of customers can pay for all types of goods and services on all devices.

Bango Payments

TELUS about Bango – What our partners say

Watch Ibrahim J Gedeon, CTO at TELUS talk about their partnership with Bango, including the shared DNA that ensures privacy and security are maintained across payment, resale and marketing.