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Revolutionize how you deliver partner promotions, offers and product bundles

Bango Resale provides the complete solution to deliver the best results from reselling and bundling products and services. Uniquely, Bango technology delivers the full customer lifecycle for your bundling and resale business:

Key Benefits

  • Optimize customer acquisition through powerful data insights
  • Boost sales success with end to end tracking, from intent to activation
  • Rapid time to market through simple, effective integration of third and first party product bundles
  • Flexibility with subscription offers, including break-through innovations that protect consumer subscription status
  • Apply data insights to maximize conversion from offer period to paid customer
  • Detailed, real-time reporting and synchronization built-in as standard

Bango Resale is deployed by leading online businesses – including Amazon, Google, Spotify – to win new customers by bundling and reselling their products with partners across the world. Innovative Bango technology increases customer growth, boosts sales and reduces churn for customers across mobile, fixed-line, broadband, cable, TV, and OTT markets, and now with leading retailers and other mass market businesses.

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Amazon successfully launched Prime Video Mobile Edition in India – effectively leveraging Bango’s resale & bundling technology.

Speaking on the collaboration, Sameer Batra, Director, Mobile Business Development, Amazon:

“The launch of Prime Video Mobile Edition in India marked a world-wide first for an Amazon Prime country. Prime Video Mobile Edition was launched with the aim to democratise access to quality entertainment in India. We thank Bango for their contributions in helping us deliver a seamless Prime Video Mobile Edition experience for our Airtel pre-paid customers.”

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