A new front has opened up in the streaming wars following the announcement that Disney is partnering with Apple to make its content available via the tech giant’s new Vision Pro augmented reality headset.

The headset includes a movie option that offers the image of a full and large screen when watching TV shows and movies.

Disney CEO, Bob Iger, said the new tech will enhance the Disney+ viewing experience when the headset — which will retail for $3,499 — launches next year.

Speaking in California at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Iger said: “We’re constantly in search of new ways to entertain, inform and inspire our fans by combining extraordinary creativity with groundbreaking technology to create truly remarkable experiences.”

Customers are demanding personalized services

He explained that the immersive headset would create “deeply personal experiences that bring our fans closer to the characters they love.”

The tie-up between Apple and Disney is further evidence of the revolution currently sweeping streaming services.

In the past, people were content to pay for a limited number of streaming services. Today, people want choice and the flexibility to switch streaming services on and off depending on their budget and what content is available.

They want to be able to access personalized content that better reflects their interests.

“It seems that Disney+ has placed its bet to put itself at the heart of a new form of content consumption,” said Anil Malhotra, CMO & Co-Founder of Bango.

“For streaming subscription providers, this is not a mass-market platform right now — especially with a price tag of $3,499. But if consumers like it, more headsets will enter the market, more services will target these platforms, and prices will drop,” he said.

Services are riding a wave of Super Bundling

The question is, will other brands like Netflix follow Disney’s lead? Or will they take another approach to increase subscribers and reach new audiences?

“We’re seeing a huge uptick in interest in Super Bundling, which puts viewers in control of streaming services,” said Anil.

“It’s too early to say exactly how much of an impact headsets will make on the way people interact with content, there will be more innovation in how content is delivered to highly personalized devices like these.”

“What’s clear is that the streamers are willing to invest in content, distribution and technology as they adapt to the ever-changing market conditions,” he said.

Earlier this year Juniper Research published a report which predicts that the number of global digital subscriptions is expected to explode in the next couple of years as demand for digital music and streaming services continues to gather pace.

Image credits: Apple