The Bango Platform provides a single, powerful solution that enables merchants to win, retain and monetize new customers through global resale partnerships.

Your resale success relies on effective targeting. You need to know how to target the best offers at the right people,  at the right time. Bango data insights, developed from a unique pool of customer payment data and proprietary AI techniques, enables targeting that returns the highest uptake of bundled offers.

Leverage the global reach of telcos to get your products to more customers.

Connect to any reseller in any vertical from communications companies to PayTV operators to retail membership clubs, automotive and finance.

Through a single integration, you open access to global distribution networks, with any reseller, for any product.

Rapid scale

The Bango Platform for resale is proven by the world’s biggest merchants– faster to market, scale up across multiple markets, use online and offline channels, and generate higher offer take up using Bango data insights.

Targeting the right people with the right offers at the right time

By applying customer insights from Bango, merchants enable their resale partners to accurately target customers with appealing offers that ensure higher take up and maximize customer retention.

Apply Bango data insights to maximise the conversion from trial offer to paid subscription. Bango data insights continue to drive the highest possible subscription renewal rates.

Monetize flexibly

When you want to convert your trial customers into paying customers, you need a perfectly integrated resale to payment flow, which Bango gives you. Once a trial ends, provide a seamless payment option for customers so their  service enjoyment is uninterrupted, to maximize retention and create happy customers.

Amazon successfully launched Prime Video Mobile Edition in India – effectively leveraging Bango’s resale & bundling technology:

“The launch of Prime Video Mobile Edition in India marked a world-wide first for an Amazon Prime country. Prime Video Mobile Edition was launched with the aim to democratise access to quality entertainment in India. We thank Bango for their contributions in helping us deliver a seamless Prime Video Mobile Edition experience for our Airtel pre-paid customers.”

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