App developers and merchants gain a massive revenue boost by focusing their marketing on acquiring users with a proven track record of paying for similar content.

Bango technology generates ready-to-use audiences of users who are more likely to pay in app and online. These audiences are used by app developers, online merchants and other marketers to focus marketing budgets on users who are most likely to spend.

Bango creates these audiences with trusted payment partners around the world, by analyzing $Bns of payment-related data. Unique Bango technology processes that data to create Bango Audiences of paying users in specific countries or by app category.

App developers and merchants focus their Facebook marketing campaigns at these audiences to win up to 9x more paying users, compared to the same campaign without Bango Audiences, using only conventional demographics and pay-and-pray marketing.

Apply Bango data insights to maximize the conversion from trial offer to paid subscription. Bango data insights continue to drive the highest possible subscription renewal rates.

Boost revenue from product launches

Launch new products or existing products into new countries by targeting with a Bango Audience of proven, paying users. Get an immediate revenue return from your launch marketing budget.

Many app developers use Bango Audiences for pre-launch testing, to validate pricing, proposition and payment propensity with new customers in new markets.

Increase the percentage of paying users

You know your users better than anyone, but Bango helps you to focus your user acquisition budget to win users that spend on similar products and services, gaining a higher conversion rate of new paying users.

Take your apps to new paying users in categories that have synergy with your products and markets. Bango provides audiences of paying users segmented by app category or even spending profile so you can focus user acquisition activities more efficiently.

Bango Audiences are used to market physical products towards consumers based on how they spend on digital products. Premium music streamers are more likely to buy headphones. Mobile gamers need more battery power. Discover new audiences and associations to maintain your competitive advantages.

NEXON have increased ROAS and decreased CPI by targeting our campaigns with Bango Audiences.

Bango Audiences use purchase behavior targeting to get our ads straight to payers. This has proven to be a powerful tool in NEXON’s paying user acquisition strategy which we are applying to an increasing range of titles and acquisition campaigns.

Team Manager – UA Team, Mobile Business Division, NEXON