Bango Resale technology is a single, powerful solution that enables merchants to acquire, retain and monetize new customers through global resale partnerships.

By applying customer insights from Bango, merchants enable their resale partners to accurately target customers with appealing offers that ensure higher take-up and maximize the retention of these new customers.

Generate higher customer adoption with optimal offer targeting

By modelling customer behavior across millions of data points, Bango Resale technology identifies the customer segments that are most likely to convert to long-term paying customers. The Bango Resale technology enables these segments to be identified and targeted specifically by the merchants reseller partnerships.

Maximize retention by modelling customer behavior

Ensure timely and specific messaging to customers at different stages of the engagement lifecycle. With clear customer reporting at each stage of acquisition, you can reach specific customers with the right offer, at the right time to maximize appeal and long-term value. Use data insights into customer payment behavior to increase the number of customers that will subsequently convert to paid subscriptions.

Used by the leaders to reach billions more customers

Leading digital merchants including Amazon and Pandora benefit from Bango Resale technology to engage with and delight millions of new customers. Resellers including mobile and fixed line operators, broadband and ISPs and cable service providers can all benefit from Bango Resale technology to increase customer loyalty and attract higher value customers.

A single integration to the Bango Platform enables every merchant and all resellers to launch faster, with better service offers and minimized cost.

Leaders are thriving with Bango Resale