Jim is responsible for Bango’s key customers and drives the Bango Resale business line from strategy, product management, sales and delivery. He has a natural understanding of the importance of customer relationships, technology and in executing customer focus and management strategies, enabling him to strengthen Bango’s focus on customers.

Jim has over 20 years’ experience in ICT product design, implementation and establishing new industry trends and verticals. Jim is a solutions and sales leader achieving many world firsts in his career so far, including disruptive technology like programmable network devices, SMS routing, Amazon Japan DCB launch in 2017 and designing and delivering the Bango Resale service.

  • Starbucks or Costa? Starbucks
  • Hobby? Walking up big hills (9000 ft is my best so far!)
  • Addiction? Buying rucksacks … oh and small tents … I only ever need “just 1 more …”