Users download over 100 million apps every year from app stores. Yet only a small percentage of these users, between 1-5%, will spend any money in-app. For app marketers, finding these paying users is key to building a successful business. This is why smart app marketers use Bango Audiences.

Go directly to paying users

Bango processes billions of dollars of mobile payment data, over 80% of which is generated from in-app payments. This information provides unique insights into consumer spending patterns – what users buy, how much they spend and how often they make payments. This incredibly valuable information is anonymized, locked and turned into Bango Audiences. These audiences are shared with app marketers on Facebook Business Manager to focus developers’ user acquisition campaigns, which result in an increase in conversion to paying users. Developers can transform the results of their marketing campaigns, acquiring as many as 9x more paying users from a single campaign.

Bango Audiences are populated with users that have a much higher propensity to pay in-app. All the hard work to create, secure and share these audiences is done. By simply requesting a Bango audience that helps you focus on paying users by country, region or user behavior, the Bango machinery shares the audience for the duration of your Facebook campaign, meeting all operational, data security and consumer consent requirements. You simply launch your campaign in the usual way.

Target app marketing at paying users:

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Be part of the ecosystem and thrive

The Bango Marketplace Partner Program is a great way to become part of our growing, thriving ecosystem. It is designed for both app marketers and businesses that support app markers, to increase revenues with Bango Audiences. Joining the Marketplace Partner Program gives you access to all audiences on Bango Marketplace as well as a premier level of technical and commercial support.

  • If you have an app, then join us as an App Marketing Partner to get unlimited access to all Bango Audiences
  • If you provide products or services to app developers and marketers, then get access to a new revenue stream from making Bango Audiences available to your customer base

Go straight to paying users and generate revenue faster: